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L-J 9:00 - 19:00
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Training center of Cáceres (Cáceres)




Administration area.
Storage rooms with an area of 722m2.
Area of  505m2 with 4 classrooms, one of which is reconfigurable to electricity and automation laboratory ...) Configuration for 20 posts wifi network. Equipped with projector and whiteboard.
Three classrooms for small groups or tutoring and a library.
Practical Training Area: 1,110 m2, that includes s 4 sheltered workshops of 150m2, Eight storage-rooms for  tools and equipment.
Multipurpose room.
Outdoor practical training area of 3010m2 featuring:
- Building equipped with equipment preventive practices.
- Clearance for practical machinery.
- Confined Space and Timberings Simulator,
- Practice area for prefabricated structures
- Waste sorting area.
Provision of two cranes tower crane courses.

Workshops for the following specialties:
Auxiliary of rigid construction finishing operations,  auxiliary operations masonry and factory roofs,  auxiliary of continuous coating for operations in progress, masonry,  project control and construction, representation of civil works projects,  assembly and maintenance of solar thermal systems.
Machinery, diesel elevating platform, electric scissor platform, electric forklift.

Parking with 8 places for light vehicles.